Dicom3tools Software

Maintained by David A. Clunie dclunie@dclunie.com.
Last updated: Mon Oct 29 07:56:03 EDT 2018

Getting the dicom3tools ...

NB. The older unsupported package is no longer being worked on, and contains significant deficiencies in the handling of DICOM messages, and in particular doesn't support sequences :(. It is kept hanging around because it contains some really old translators and tape tools that could conceivably still be useful on rare occasions, but are not worth the effort of porting to the newer framework.

What are the dicom3tools ...

  • Open Source - BSD License terms described here.

  • Runs on Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows (Cygwin).

  • Command line utilities for creating, modifying, dumping and validating files of DICOM attributes, and conversion of proprietary image formats to DICOM. Can handle older ACR/NEMA format data, and some proprietary versions of that such as SPI.

  • No networking code ... this is not a complete DICOM implementation.

Features ...

Frequent Answers.

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