JPEG-LS Software

Maintained by David A. Clunie
Last updated: Mon Oct 29 07:28:30 EDT 2018

Getting it ...

What is it ...

This is a preliminary implementation of the proposed JPEG-LS standard, DIS 14495. See "" for the text of the committee draft of this standard (which has since been updated, but electronic versions are not allowed to be distributed due to ISO rules).


The fully lossless mode has been more extensively tested than the near lossless mode, though the latter appears to work.

The compressed datastream is now interchangable with the HP LOCO 0.90 implementation from their web page. See

It only handles one component (ie. grayscale images) for now.


This experiment is actual part of a larger package, the dicom3tools package for medical images, which is why all sorts of wierd template generate source files are needed for the compilation.

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