UPMC Breast Tomography and FFDM Collection

The cases in this collection were provided by Dr. Margarita Zuley, with the assistance of Dr. Rasu Shrestha and Dr. Christopher Deible.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. David Clunie at dclunie@dclunie.com.

All of the images were acquired on Hologic equipment (Selenia Dimensions). They include the Secondary Capture objects (SCO) produced by the modality for the tomo projections and reconstructed slices, which contain the payload in private data elements, as well as the corresponding standard DICOM Breast Tomography objects (BTO) converted retrospectively by the vendor from the SCOs (with the assistance of Jeffrey Hanson). There are no corresponding standard format projection images available at this time, but these will be added to the collection if and when the vendor is able to produce them. Dicom Conformance statements are available from the vendor.

All of the files have been de-identified, initially by the site and again prior to distribution, following the DICOM PS 3.15 2011 Basic Application Level Confidentiality Profile, including modifications of the dates (Retain Longitudinal Temporal Information With Modified Dates Option) and retention of safe private attributes (Retain Safe Private Option). Descriptors have been retained and manually checked (Clean Descriptors Option). The tool used for the final de-identification was the PixelMed DicomCleaner.

The images contain some deficiencies with respect to DICOM conformance, which will be reported by validators such as dciodvfy. The errors include various incorrect workflow-related code sequences, which in some cases are missing mandatory elements, and in other cases use non-standard private coding schemes that are not designated with a 99 prefix. Some private elements exceed the permissable length of their explicit value representation. Some spacing and magnification related attributes in the FFDM images do not correspond mathematically. In the tomography images, the Frame Content functional group is missing; arguably this is permissible after CP 994 though may still be reported as an error by validators. The orientation vectors are encoded by the vendor with limited precision and may fail checks that they are unit vectors as a consequence. More strict validation of the FFDM images according to the IHE Mammography Image profile (e.g., with "dciodvfy -profile IHEMammo") will result in further errors being reported, but these are largely a consequence of the de-identification process (e.g., removal of the Patient Age, Operator Name, Institution Name, etc.).

For each case, all of the uncompressed Explicit VR Little Endian Transfer Syntax PS 3.10 DICOM files are grouped together in a single tar file, which is then bzip2 compressed. Recent versions of compression tools such as Power Archiver for Windows and Stuffit Expander for Macs support bzip2'd and tar'd files. Most modern Unix systems and Macs already have bzip2 and tar utilities installed. If not, command line utilities can be obtained from the bzip2 site. Windows executables are also available here.

The following files are available for download:

PatientAnatomyModalityTechniqueReasonResult SideResult Clock or QuadrantResultImagesReportsDownloadUpdatedBytesMD5
Case1BreastMGTomoLeft3HamartomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 09:41:00248,449,890e6ea1e305ff2ef3fab844b03872c4a3b
Case2BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight8Subtle cancerDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 11:02:00906,581,877d02769a6d0de7a62b4f67a3917e29d94
Case3BreastMGFFDM,TomoRightAsymmetryDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 11:08:00934,623,918b1899038222974b37c7273126739c64b
Case4BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10Lobular carcinomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:50:00591,425,961b597c5d7e47b3e5aba5e0e0d117faec4
Case5BreastMGFFDM,TomoLeft11Invasive ductal carcinoma, implantsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:53:00461,803,688a7527c4eab74186db3fbecfcbe433392
Case6BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight3CystDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:55:00176,698,09641d85d9e7d20c92b6d95fd1f2f5fb411
Case7BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10PapillomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:57:00346,854,703a503ed184bd4c71a65d2c915440c3d80
Case8BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight1Lobular carcinomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 11:00:00318,600,3517348c8a394d8471fa96d825828080408
Case9BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10Invasive ductal carcinomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 11:02:00330,241,051035861bf83ce1bdc2ab1be1666a09c2f
Case10BreastMGFFDM,TomoLeft1Invasive ductal carcinomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 09:46:00351,599,006cd4a8a300f7d86fc852b97254f1eeec4
Case11BreastMGFFDM,TomoLeftUOQAtherosclerotic calcificationsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 09:52:00186,971,98693ea40eec85c07856e91a5c01fab4379
Case12BreastMGFFDM,TomoLeft9Radial scarDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 09:57:00242,592,6081a4c47eb7e1f3f2645d0840134fe52a7
Case13BreastMGFFDM,TomoRightVascular calcificationsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:02:00381,955,709641bc8c8ea607f18a7ac231435b49444
Case14BreastMGFFDM,Tomo,Ductogramhx breast CA,radiation left, benign duct excision leftDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:13:001,526,384,0896ca81c8b7c9356ae27dd23cd1b742bee
Case15BreastMGFFDM,TomoRightUOQOil cystsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:34:00507,981,314dda4291d9da9c4ac68958961b31837d6
Case16BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10Invasive ductal carcinomaDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:38:00551,645,65987312cd872c14e69093ebb751a406f8b
Case17BreastMGFFDM,TomoLeftCalcifications, fat necrosisDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:43:00492,196,345cab2e7748660cce6aa926bc0703ec049
Case18BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10Invasive ductal carcinoma, DCISDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:45:00284,709,771157be159e9bf09c84195e10aa90fa8d4
Case19BreastMGFFDM,TomoRight10Invasive ductal carcinoma, DCISDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:47:00333,821,245eb920c6272612abeca0bb1084d6acea4
Case20BreastMGFFDM,TomoImplants, radial scarDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:51:00483,096,9509f0a12f55c4400d3a1f5aa64e516814b
Case21BreastMGFFDM,TomoSilicone injectionsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:53:00355,963,9703f6ad97677da1a93661f5201d1ef8da6
Case22BreastMG,SRFFDM,TomoNormal implantsDCMNonetar.bz22013/03/20 10:55:00136,977,7164c6256906df1c12c6bd34c9910e7ec18

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